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    RoBoxx supports our local community by serving the important mission of Affordable Housing.

Great Design to Serve Our Community and Beyond

InField Systems provides portable roadways for live events, disaster relief and military operations. Patrick Lensing and Kail Ghigo were at a military trade show representing InField in 2009. There were amazing structures on display, but one stood out to the InField crew. It was a container that hydraulically expanded like a Transformer into three times its original size. This amazing equipment was extraordinarily costly, but it became the inspiration that started Project RoBoxx.

The InField team worked on the project off and on for seven years. Finally, the time felt right so RoBoxx Inc was formed in 2017. The design and fabrication team was assembled to make the first RoBoxx. Since InField operated in the event, disaster, military and construction industries the first RoBoxx would be a commercial restroom called JonBoxx. The second unit was a production office called OfficeBoxx. This unit with 

it’s modular design was quickly converted to CasaBoxx by simply taking out the half bath cartridge and inserting the full bath cartridgeThrough these experiences we grew to really love the modular concept. Because of the homeless crisis and lack of affordable housing in many of our communities, RoBoxx decided it would let InField Systems handle the commercial structure sales and rentals and RoBoxx would focus on residential. 

Mind you the housing crisis isn't that apparent to folks in the Fort Smith/Van Buren, Arkansas area. The region has endured a long string of unfortunate economic news. Major employers like Whirlpool, Rheem, Trane and the Air National Guard base either shrank significantly or closed completely. The once thriving area now has some of the lowest housing costs in the country. For RoBoxx this is another opportunity to make a difference. There are an abundance of skilled fabricators, welders and tradespeople - and they really need work. RoBoxx gives them that opportunity to shine.

The CasaBoxx project is very important to every member of the RoBoxx team. It is a chance to make a difference  with a uniquely functional and affordable structure. It is also an opportunity to make a difference for RoBoxx workers as well as our vendors and their employees. RoBoxx believes in the American Dream and it is now more attainable for these Arkansas and Oklahoma workers as well as aspirational not so Tiny House shoppers across the country.

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