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    RoBoxx Commercial Structures

    Add Productivity to Your Operations and Add Value to Your Event Experience.

RoBoxx Commercial Solutions

Mobility combined with the RoBoxx Open Space foldout structure creates opportunity for a wide variety of configurations.

portable restroom jonboxx

JonBoxx    VIP Restrooms

Providing a premium bathroom experience results in more event revenue. The thought of porta-potties is enough to give potential attendees a reason to not attend. JonBoxx provides a humane bathroom experience that results in more guests, longer stays and more revenue.

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fanboys eagles

FanBoxx   VIP Event Space

FanBoxx VIP experiences provides a premium experience for event guests and added revenue for producers. 

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officeboxx portable office

OfficeBoxx   Open Space Production Office

The wide open RoBoxx design is much more functional. Configure with six spacious workstations or three workstations with large conference table. The shape of the space is important and OfficeBoxx space is much more useful and productive. 

bunkboxx crew quarters

BunkBoxx   Crew Quarters

BunkBoxx sleeps 10-14 people in comfortable and private RoPods. The RoPods offer single or double beds with lockable storage. They are easily accessible from the ground or stairs - much easier access than typical bunk ladder.

Provide sleeping quarters at the job site for lower cost, maximized rest time and extreme convenience.


...AnyBoxx   Endless Outfitting Variety

On the Ground or Mobile RoBoxx can be outfitted for showers, laundry, kitchen, cool-downs, first aid or anything else your operations require.

Work Complex for Safety & Productivity

Combine multiple RoBoxxes for maximum safety, productivity at a work site or for an extraordinary Even VIP Experience.

CasaBoxx VIP Quarters

Site managers deserve premium accommodations and CasaBoxx delivers. The VIP CasaBoxx can be outfitted with one or two bedrooms, a loft, full bath, kitchenette and lounge.

BunkBoxx Worker Quarters

Safety, safety, safety with well rested workers. No more long drives to expensive hotels. Bunk pods provide privacy, security and comfort. 

JonBoxx Restrooms and Showers

Showers and premium restrooms right on site. Vacuum plumbing provides the best hygiene and lowest waste production in the industry.

BreakBoxx Kitchen Laundry & Lounge

Whether you arrange DIY feeding or catering a BreakBoxx provides areas for food and lounging. May also be outfitted with a laundry and first aid station.

Leveled Corridor

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel.

AnyBoxx - What Else You Need?

Want a game room? An office or conference room? RoBoxx can be outfitted to be ... AnyBoxx!

Plenty of REST after a long hard day is most important for safety and productivity. With rest quarters just yards away from the work site you can maximize downtime and minimize stress and cost. Workers will be captive to the task and you will not be held hostage by a limited supply of hotels. The different iterations of RoBoxx provide an opportunity to create an on-site Complex for workers that will save money and increase productivity and safety.

The idea is to provide conveniences on-site that may not be otherwise available for many miles. No more sleeping in trucks due to long distance to hotel or short breaks. Less than a mile from the worksite is a nice place to relax and sleep.

Let us build your Complex or rent a Complex from InField Systems.

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Premium VIP Event Experience

Provide a VIP Experience and Increase Revenue.

Step Your Game - or Concert

Put your premium tickets in a low rent area! The observation deck provides a great line of site.

Premium accommodations may include catering or DIY food, ice bin integrated into the bar, TV, fans, spot AC, heaters or sectional lounge area.

Don't forget to add JonBoxx for a true VIP experience. A premium ticket shouldn't have to use a porta-potty. Quite frankly nobody should have to use a porta-potty.

There are many other opportunities:

  • CasaBoxx onsite accomodations
  • BunkBoxx backstage crew quarters
  • ShopBoxx pop-up shops for merch or vendors
  • JonBoxxes for the masses - pay for wristband access or complimentary

Our vacuum plumbing vendor has done extensive studies in Europe about the correlation between hygiene and time (and money) spent at live events. The numbers are extraordinary. If nice restrooms (read not porta-potties) are available attendees spend nearly 40% more time AND money.

With VIP accommodations placed back from the sound riser you are getting premium ticket revenue from low revenue areas. With shade, rain protection, luxury bathrooms and an incredible private lounge you can be sure your VIP guests will arrive early, stay late and spend much more money. And then be excited to buy premium tickets to the next event that offers this FanBoxx VIP package!

Let us build you a RoBoxx complex for your next event. Or rent a complex from InField Systems.

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