• A Premium VIP Experience

It's All About the Experience

Premium accomodations below and an elevated viewing compound above - FanBoxx provides an extraordinary experience and opportunity for increased revenue. 

FanBoxx features state of the art fixture and furnishing options including self contained grill, counter with sink and a custom built counter, ice bin and bar combo. TVs and couches complete the VIP experience.

Easy assembly stairs and rails create a unique elevated perspective for VIP attendees. FanBoxx is easy on operations too - fully deployed by one person in less than 30 minutes.


FanBoxx outfitted with TV and satellite dish provides the ultimate space for the ultimate tailgating experience. Take it to another level...on the upper deck! 


Take those sparsely populated areas front of stage and turn them into VIP revenue. The elevated deck provides excellent sight lines and the comforts below provide a true premium space experience.

Sporting Events

Football, baseball, soccer - you name the sport and FanBoxx provides the ultimate luxury suite accommodations. Luxury suites (and their massive revenue stream) don't have to be limited to pro and major college venues.

Horse and Car Racing

Viewing from the observation deck above and entertaining in the foldout space below provides an extraordinary experience for race fans everywhere.

Fold Out for Fun

FanBoxx is folded up for security and quickly and easily unfolded for a true VIP experience.

Step Up Your Game - or Festival or Other Event - With FanBoxx

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Premium Space

The FanBoxx observation deck creates a unique VIP experience in otherwise unused areas. Underneath area can provide space for relaxing, grilling, dining, TV - whatever you can imagine.

FanBoxx Power

A typical FanBoxx is outfitted with 30 outlets and USB ports. It is well lit by three track lights that each feature three 60w equivalent LED bulbs. Customization is also available to suit your needs.

Decked Out

FanBoxx provides an 8' (244cm) high observation deck. Optional grill and prep/serving table mounted on the opened container doors.

Branded Luxury

FanBoxx has ample space for branding.  FanBox may include front counter with bar and ice bin, TV and inside counter with sink.

VIP Spaces

Lounge in the Boxx, hang out at the bar and watch on TV or get a great view from the upper deck. Cater or provide DIY cooking equipment. FanBoxx is the ultimate VIP experience.