• Accessibility.

The Future of Portable Restrooms is JonBoxx

JonBoxx was born from experience in military deployments and live event production. Like a military operation JonBoxx is efficiently deployed and highly functional. JonBoxx is a Three in One (3n1) design. During transport the structure is one third it's completed size and when set in place it folds out to the size of three containers. 

Standard JonBoxx Ground model sets directly on the ground with just 6" (150mm) rise. A ramp made of one sheet of plywood can provide ADA wheelchair accessibility. JonBoxx may also be permanently mounted on a trailer if ADA access is not necessary. This JonBoxx Mobile model has floor height of 28" (72cm) - just three steps up. JonBoxx Mobile is easier to move from job to job with reduced setup time. 

The vacuum plumbing system pulls waste along with 20 cu. ft. of air for minimized odors and maximized sanitation. Each flush uses an incredibly low two cups of water per flush. This is great for the environment and for operations.  The system is easy to clean and maintain and is extremely durable.

From ground level access to super high efficiency vacuum plumbing, JonBoxx offers a combination of features that make it an incredibly efficient, portable and accessible Bathroom System to surpass the high demands of the modern industrial and event markets.


JonBoxx is available as an On Ground Unit for maximum accessibility or mounted on trailer for maximum mobility.


Vacuum Plumbing uses 90% less water and generates 70% less waste. Much less pump-outs is a great benefit to operations and cost too.

Comfort and Health

Vacuum Plumbing pull 30 cubic feet of air with every flush. This pulls germs and odors along with waste for greatly improved hygiene.

Look and Feel

Setting on the ground and walking into a bathroom with gender specific private stalls is familiar and comfortable arrangement for guest.

Videos & Testimonials

Everybody loves and appreciates JonBoxx. Rescue your attendees from porta-potty hell. Provide JonBoxx and your attendees will stay longer, spend ore, leave happy and come to your next event.