• Finally a Tiny House with OPEN SPACE

    CasaBoxx Folds Out for More Functional Space

    Open Concept home design is all the rage, but rarely available to a Tiny House shopper. With CasaBoxx you can have the Open Space you desire. A quick fold-out provides a space that is Functional and Comfortable.

Why CasaBoxx?

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The Idea

We believe in the Tiny House movement. It is an important part of solving some of today's challenges like affordable housing, mobility and prioritization of values and material consumption.

We know our success depends on us making good decisions. We start with a recycled shipping container and use materials that will stand the test of time. Only some interior walls have wood framing. The rest is steel or composite materials.

The higher cost now will pay off with long-term success through the power of happy customers fulfilling their dreams of long-term home ownership.

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Something Different

We want something different. Specifically, we want to overcome dimensional limitations. 400 square feet is sufficient space but the 8' over-the-road limit makes it impossible to design an "open concept" floor plan. We fixed that with RoBoxx fold-out design. Our WingONE unit is 16' wide and our WingTWO units are 24' wide.

It's an interior space like no other. CasaBoxx is functional in a way that can only happen with 24' width.

CasaBoxx Episode One

See how CasaBoxx is different. This video was shot on the banks of the Arkansas River in Fort Smith, Arkansas and at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. 

Tour of CasaBoxx Mobile

This is a CasaBoxx Mobile 2N1. That means the recycled container folds out to two times its original size - One container that folds out to the size of two containers.

It's a Tiny Home claustrophobia buster.

CasaBoxx Virtual Tour

Click on the white dots to move around the CasaBoxx.

A Three-Step Program

It's Easy to Start Living Smart. Our modular system of sales and manufacturing make it easy for you to design your dreamy Casa. Then it makes it easy for us to build it in the most efficient way. 

1. Select Your Boxx

Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love but whom never could I see again; for life has.

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2. Select Your Cartridges

Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love but whom never could I see again; for life has.

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3. Select Your Outfitting

Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love but whom never could I see again; for life has.

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Thinking Outside the RoBoxx

Own Your Home at College

Why pay rent or dorm money when you could OWN. In areas where you can find a place to place and hook up a CasaBoxx you can put a Tiny House in place. Then after graduation you can move to a new job location or repurpose as a second home. It makes a lot of sense!

Hunting Lodge

A RoBoxx is a great choice for a remote domicile. Drop it and live in an Open Space. Don't worry about finding builders in a remote location. A CasaBoxx is already built. It can also fold up to be practically impenetrable to vandals. Drop it and LIVE!

Affordable Housing

CasaBoxx is made in Fort Smith, Arkansas - one of the most affordable places to live in the USA. Other places aren't so lucky. With our skilled people and affordable resources we can help folks nationwide with low cost homes like ours!


AirBnB and other private booking services have a backlog of Tiny House reservations. Maybe folks are just curious to try out what they've seen on HGTV. Maybe they like being close. Whatever the reason a CasaBoxx in the right location can provide a great return on investment.

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Commercial Structures

InField Systems Sells and Rents RoBoxx Commercial Structures including JonBoxx, OfficeBoxx, ShopBoxx, BunkBoxx...pretty much AnyBoxx.

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