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    Efficiency and Functionality

    RoBoxx Portable Structures

    A RoBoxx Portable Structure is transported like a 20' container. Then it folds out for up to triple the space - OPEN space.

Give Your Fans an ELEVATED Experience

Give your customers more reasons to attend with a FanBoxx Portable VIP Experience. Transform low rent areas into new revenue streams with a long list of FanBoxx amenities.

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Have to Go? Transform Dread into Delight

Guests stay longer and spend more money if they don't have to step foot into a plastic excrement bin. JonBoxx provides "club" restroom experience at live events.

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The First "Open Concept" Tiny Home

Scaling back is all the rage, but fitting a home into an 8' wide structure is hardly functional. The CasaBoxx fold-out design creates true open floor plan living.

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Go Where Your Customers Go

With massive changes to the retail landscape ShopBoxx gives you a dramatic edge in branding and customer convenience. 

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The RoBoxx Base

RoBoxx starts from the workhorse of global trade - the 20' ISO shipping container. These structures are designed to carry up to 40,000 lbs (18,440 kg) of cargo. They are shipped over roads and seas all over the world. Forklifts, cranes and trucks move, load and unload them hundreds or even thousands of times over the life of a container.

RoBoxx utilizes only "one trip" containers. This means they have only crossed the ocean one time with known contents to ensure there has never been hazardous materials on board. All structural components of a RoBoxx are steel or aluminum. There is no lumber framing of structural components providing unsurpassed strength and durability.

The RoBoxx Base is strong, durable and proven.

cargo container
Time Tested 20' Shipping Container
roboxx fold out gif

The RoBoxx Fold-Out

We take that time tested Shipping Container and hack it to make it more functional for a variety of uses. The RoBoxx Fold-Out Structure is made of fiberglass skinned Structural Insulated Panels framed with custom aluminum extrusions that give it excellent functionality. The foldout structure is easy to deploy, strong/durable, lightweight and well insulated.

Next step is outfitting where we transform a RoBoxx into a functional space for many different uses. Select below to learn more about RoBoxxes we can make for your Residential or Commercial use.

What Can We Build For You?

Commercial Structures

RoBoxx Commercial Structures can support production and events with JonBoxx, OfficeBoxx, FanBoxx, BunkBoxx, ShopBoxx, LunchBoxx...

pretty much AnyBoxx!

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portable restroom jonboxx
race vip fanboxx
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Residential Structures

CasaBoxx is a residential structure of various sizes and modes of transport. The rare Open Design of a CasaBoxx creates a more comfortable and functional space in a minimalist concept. 

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portable home
roboxx portable home
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